Thursday, November 5, 2009

Want: Slumber Party!

Since it's the weekends i feel like i want a slumber party!...sadly, i can't because i have to give in my english coursework next week and i have SOOO many homework. But I can still dream and wish of having a slumber party in this busy month, can't i?
I love wearing cute pajamas with friends, watching movies, dancing/singing to the music playing all night and pollow fights. Gosh..i miss my younger and not busy days.
Right now i'm having flash backs of my slumber party 2 or 3 years ago-i can't quite remember. 2 of my friends and i kept jumping around my room with the music doing lame and funny things. We didn't sleep until 7 in the morning!
One of my friends said; "why call them slumber parties when no one really sleeps?" LOL.

I saw some pictures of cute pajamas, so i'd like to share it with everyone else who also feel like you want a slumber party, but can't.


  1. I need to go out and purchase some new pajamas. I adore the second one but unfortunately they are not appropriate for the weather right now.

  2. A slumber party sounds nice. These are cute!

  3. @ Crystal Ball: I definitely agree with you on that! It's starting to get colder now.