Saturday, August 29, 2009

Han Hyo Joo

Another Korean actress for Vogue Girl's September issue.
Her recent drama Shining Inheritance, also called Brilliant Legacy, had an average rating around 32% !
I've watched the drama and it was one of the best drama's i've ever watched!

She also did a Vogue photoshoot earlier this month.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Song Hye Gyo for Vogue and Laneige Lipstick

Korean Actress, Song Hye Gyo.
Her fame rose from the popular Korean drama Full House in 2004.The rating for this drama was pretty high.

Here are the photo's or Song Hye Gyo for Vogue's September issue.(i think for Korean Vogue. Not quite sure.)

She also had a photo shoot for Laneige lipstick earlier this month.

Pictures from ^^

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Boredom.That's my word for the week. I've been so bored lately, and i haven't hung out with my friends for 2 weeks now!
Here its just too hot to go to the park or go for a stroll. I can't wait till school begins..then i can meet all my friends again! And i definately can't wait for winter. I want to go outside and take loads of pictures.

Well..since i was bored today, i decided to take some pictures and play around with the edits. So i ended up with these. It's mostly pictures of a lamp and a blue basket and another thing added with it.

Here are pictures that i took a couple of months ago and just edited them now.

This picture above is the same theme as my photo's in my posts on JUNE. So check em out if you haven't! ^^

Have a lovely weekend Everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Korean actress, Kim So Eun did a photoshoot for Elle Girl Magazine for the September issue.
Kim So Eun is famous for her innocent and young look. She's around 19-20 years old yet she has a baby face. I'm jealous...xD

I love the outfits she's wearing in these photos.

i want those white shoes!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yves Saint Lauren, Oreos and Milk?

I was looking at my mum's bags,... there was one bag that caught my eye. It was a Yves Saint Lauren Bag. I was shocked? I've never seen this bag being used by mum before.
After asking my mum when she bought this bag. She said she bought it around 13 years ago and never used it again, after using it for 4 years. The condition of the bag is not that bad, which is kind of shocking. Since its been 13 years. I guess i can still use it once in a while.
Is the style too old to be used again? Is there anyone else out there that would use this bag?

I LOVE OREOS! Especially when they are eaten with milk.Mmmmm THE BEST. Is there a fanClub for Oreos? Cause i would totally join it. Does anyone else love Oreos?
There's this joke that my friend told me. I think i should share it with you guys. so here goes.

What's the colour of paper?____

What's the colour of golf balls?___

What's the colour of white walls?___

What's the colour of sheeps fur(if they are called that)?____

and....What do cows drink?___
If you answered Milk for the last question You're wrong! Cows drink water! ^^

If you don't get it..its okay. Maybe the joke is supposed to be asked in real life instead of being written down.

Doop di doo~

Bye! xx

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hehehe..Last Night i was craving for Pizza Hut so i told me dad to get some on his way back home from work.
My family BARELY eats pizza hut, because my mum cooks alot so we have to eat what she cooks.

I took some pictures of it because it looked so good. The cheese is just so....umm....UnExplainable.

Okay..Enough about the Pizzaa..xP
A few Days ago my little brother got these little jelly balls?.. Anyways they're so cute and colourful so i decided to take a picture of em.
We used to have fishes in our Fish Bowl. Now that the fishes are gone...*sniffs* That's what we put in it instead.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bag <3

So on saturday..i went to Doha-Landmark with Syafira.
First we had to send her brother to his dorm cause he's in university now..i guess it was sad for him cause he looked like he was about to cry. Poor him. I guess he really love his parents.:D

Anyway I went to doha with her because i was dying to buy these boots that i saw in Pull And Bear website. Turns out the colour of the boots in real life didn't look as good as the one on the website so i didn't buy it :(
We went to other stores, while i had my eyes on the shoes Syafira had her eyes on the clothes. I think she has enough clothes.
Jennyfer, That's where we both finally saw something we actually wanted to buy. Syafira bought a cardigan and i bought a small bag.

Ah! i forgot. Today is actually Indonesia Independence Day!! Woohoo!
If i was in Indonesia rite now it will be awesome. But too bad im back.BOOO~.
ahhh...I feel like singing Indonesia's national anthem song. ^^


I'm back from indonesia, actually i was back at the end of July but i've been too busy to blog.

This years summer was pretty fun. I went to Jakarta for the first time in my life :)...unbelievable right? I know. I mean it's the capital city of where i come from. Well..This time i finally went there and i enjoyed it. I went to Anchol; seaworld and dufan.

So those are the pictures when i was in Jakarta.
I have a picture of 2 rainbows that i took when i was in aceh. It was beautiful. I didn't take the picture with my nikon so it doesn't look as good as it did in reality.

You can't see the second rainbow. :'(

During my holiday in Indonesia, i started and finished reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. It's a really good book!

Okay. That's about it.