Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our team is Very Very Very happy. I had loads of fun today. Got that Elvin guy to talk and bullying Ramanan. Ahahah.. He's a DUCK! xP

We took a picture after flying the hot air balloons. Stupid Elvin didn't want to be in the picture so it was Ramanan's group(w/o Elvin and Razzi) and our group. :D
We did take a video of our balloon, but the video is in Rara's camera and it will take her a while to put it in her laptop. So no video :(

Me and Syaf made a joke by making an animal as a verb. For example... "I'm Sheeped" or.."I'm lambed" something like that. It might not sound funny now.. but at that moment it was HILARIOUS! ;)

Noooo~ Everybody is goinggg~ Ayu and lola has already gone..-sniff sniff-

Here's a picture of Ayu's last day in year 9.

At least she's happy!

I got good news!!!
Today we saw Mrs. Malabar! She came back for a holiday. She didn't look different at all.
She's the best P.E teacher in the world! :D
I nearly forgot her :O..which is a really bad thing.
I'm so happy she came backk...hmm..i wanna see her again. I don't think she remembers my name though. :(
Ouh well..i can tell her and prolly she'll remember :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

:D :D :D :D :D :D
Tonight my dad went to Sheraton(doha) for a company dinner. I guess he stopped by at CC and bought me...

A HDD! :D:D:D!
I've wanted it since last week. I didn't think my dad would actually buy me one in one week. It usually takes him around a month to actually remember what i wanted. Lol
Nyeeh.. The HDD is the same as Atika's sister's though. :(
i wanted it to be unique. and not the same as anyone elses' but...yah. that's what happened.

But i'm still happy~!
250 GB! O.o that's alot. ;)

Hahh... This week has been so hectic, even though exam's are over.
I've been busy with singing practices for Indonesian Independence Night. Which is on the 27th on June. So only 3 more days to go. And because of these practices i think i gained more weight. We ate so many junk food!! T__T
Ouh well. ;)

Today was our last day doing the hot air balloon. We tried it with the heater thing and ours was a success!! We were so happy! Cause in the beginning ours was in a crisis, we did the gluing wrong. Damn. It was hell. It was nearly unbelievable that our actually flew!

Tomorrow is the competition~!
I'm so nervous for some reason.
I hope we win~!


Soo now.. the photography. I wasn't bothered to edit I'm just going to put it in.

My very old dress. I wore it in my Year 5 Disney Production. Ah..Memories.

My little Brother with his production paint. I was suppose to go and watch it this Sunday. But because of Bahasa practice i couldn't :(

I was interested in bathrooms?

i Love this picture. Others might not like it. But i think it's cool. >.<

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yesterday(the day i didn't go to school), my class actually had drama lesson that day. And they were watching silent movies that they made with their group. In my group there was me, Rifka, Tia, Arief and Fariz.
We had a lot of fun recording the act. I feel bad for Rifka who had to do most of the editing. But she did a good job.

This is our first time making silent movie. So it wont be professional. But we are very proud of it!:)
I tried uploading the movie here, but it didn't work. So i had to upload it in youtube.

Have Fun Watching it!

Atika blowing out the candles. ^^

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Aya's Party


Flowers, Sun, Green Grass, Picnic Blanket, the party was all summery~
...Plus the hot heat.
Nearly Everyone was wearing a summer dress~
I love Aya's sister's dress!
Oh. Aya. Damn. She looked totally different. When i came, i actually thought.... "Is that Aya?" Anyways, she looked really pretty.
I love my Egyptian friend! :D
The Cute Sisters! Left: Mental(..Said Eli) Right: Cute and Kind of annoying.

Dino's! fruity and nice, cake.

My Tomboy Friend. She was forced to wear that dress! And what's even more weirder..She climbed a tall wall with that dress, i have no idea how she did it. :\

The cute girl with ELI!
The girl likes me more than Eli though. xP

So that's basically it. FUN AND SUMMERY~
Only 10 days left of school~

Since i didn't go to school today, i have to write a letter of absence.Darn!.... =)

Comments are love!
I'm not going to school today, i'm really tired and i got a slight flu. It's so annoying. There's swine flu in Qatar(doha) noww, thanks to those guys who came back from California.There are about 10-20 people who got it now. i'm really scared that i'll get it :(

Last night after Aya's party i was bored. So i decided to edit pictures that i took in the morning yesterday, and make them vintage.

Bread + Nutella = Yum <3
Nice? or not? hmmm...
I wanna take more pictures with my nikon, with tika as my model. But she'll be going to indonesia soon :(

I'll post Aya's party pictures after this post.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today i just remembered that i have SUPER JUINOR's 3rd album. My brother bought it in Malaysia and sent it to me through his friend. Lol.
I got it around 2-4 weeks ago. I don't remember. But what i do remember is that when it came, i was screaming and jumping up and down with excitement & joy. Because it's my first korean boy band cd ever!! And i've always wanted one. :D
When i thanked my brother a billion times, he said "you owe me one!". I just said sure sure, whatever.

Enough with me rambling..

Here's what it looks like. I like they're style in the pictures. It's like those oldern time.

That's the album(cd) cover.

So that's the pictures of two of my favourite guys, Yesung and Lee Teuk.

Okay..I'm not bothered to post about Aya's party now since its late and im really sleepy. So i'll post about Aya's party tomorrow.


Friday, June 19, 2009


Just came back from doing drama hwk at Rifka's. We're making a silent movie. I hope it turns out well.
After finishing HALF of the hwk..we went out a took lots and lots and lots of pictures! :D

Ouh Ouh Ouh! I Can't wait for tomorrow~
I'm going to Aya's party! Maybe i should bring my camera and take loads of pictures.
-scream of excitement-

Anyways.. here are the picture i took tonight.

Okay..There You go. But i've got one more picture that i took this morning.(19.6.09)

Nikon D40X

Last Night Atika(queenatika) came to my house and i took picture of her with my dad's camera(nikon) and there was about 106 pics of her. sooo much. It was fun. we laughed, we took pictures, we farted..naah just kidding...Or maybe not???

Well... now the camera isn't my dad's anymore. He gave it to me!, so basically its mine. :D
kekekeke,, poor tika.

Here are some pictures i took. like i said. Im still a noob.(btw..these re not the pictures from last night).

Paper Cranes! I made about 50 of em.

Paper Crane in a box.....

......Egg in a box. :D