Friday, September 25, 2009

Kim Hyun Joo

Nice sweet natural photo's from Sure Magazine.
In the picture: Kim Hyun Joo
These pictures were taken in Vancouver, Whistler, and Victoria, Canada. Kim Hyun Joo went there on a vacation to enjoy the eco-life there, meaning using fabric bags instead of plastic bags..get it? A "Natural-Feel" is what the Magazine was aimed for,,and i guess that's what they got. I think. :\

Kim Hyun Joo made an appearance in the hit series Boys Before Flowers as Goo Jun Pyo's kind sister.

I Love the skirt she's wearing here!


  1. wow she's beautiful. so loving the second and third picture (:

  2. lovee her! i'm so jealous of korean girls!

  3. Thanks for your comment about my photographs, it's really nice, I appreciate.