Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paintings & Hair Ribbon.

The paintings i did a few weeks ago. I'm not very good at painting. I just did it because i was dying to paint on a canvas. I'm going to buy more canvas and paint more~.
I took art as one of my GCSE's. Might as well practice. ^^

I painted a picture of a robot and a mug on top of a pile of books with a flower in it.

Hehehehe. It got really messy after painting those two things.

Hair Ribbon!
Well..i think its called hair ribbon. Anyway...i tried making a ribbon(or bow) with my hair after watching a tutorial on youtube, and i ended up with this:

i didn't use any hair spray so it was kind of messy.


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  1. Raisa! those painting are cool! :D awww love the robot! :D glad you are practicing your painting. art is awesome ;)

    <3, evelyn