Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010!! :D:D

Happy New Years Bloggers/Readers!! Its finally 2010! So cool! :D

I bet i'm going to end up writing 20010 in school when we write the dates in our books.-blushes-

Anyways, its 11:38 and i just got home. Tonight i went to a friends BBQ party and after that, some of my friends, some of my brothers friends and i sat in the park and this guy sang songs with a guitar and we sang too. It was really fun. I wish i slept over at my friends house and greet the new year like everyone is. Too bad my mum didn't let me :(
But..i don't mind, i still had loads of fun.

Well..because of those singing, old songs came back to my head. One of them was
Michelle Branch's song called Everywhere. I really liked that song. And now i'm listening to it again :D. And the other one is A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.
Have fun listening to the song!

Happy New Years! x

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