Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Woop Woop. I'm 15!!

It was my birthday yesterday~!! -sings the birthday song- ^^
I didn't have time to blog anything yesterday because i was out most of the time. =]

In the morning my little brother, my mum and i went to Doha! I bought a shirt, a pair of shoes and necklaces. :D
It was really freaky yesterday, in Doha. I was stalked by this Indian man, he looked like a pervert. I was effin freaked out!! Since Qatar (middle east) has a lot of Indian male workers that don't get payed a lot and they don't have their family-uhem, wives-with them..i guess they become perverts. Anyway..thank god he stopped stalking me after half an hour.

Lace Shirt from mango

Shoes from missy. I really like the design inside the shoe. LOL.

Necklaces and a bow from Mode.

I also went to Al-Dakhira club and hung out with my friends. We then went to the playground and football field and played games. :D
Overall..i had A LOT of fun on my birthday thanks to my best friends. I love you guys so much!



  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    we have the same birthday? :o

  2. Thanks!!
    Really? Your birthday's on the 28th? If so, that's really cool! :D