Sunday, June 21, 2009

Aya's Party


Flowers, Sun, Green Grass, Picnic Blanket, the party was all summery~
...Plus the hot heat.
Nearly Everyone was wearing a summer dress~
I love Aya's sister's dress!
Oh. Aya. Damn. She looked totally different. When i came, i actually thought.... "Is that Aya?" Anyways, she looked really pretty.
I love my Egyptian friend! :D
The Cute Sisters! Left: Mental(..Said Eli) Right: Cute and Kind of annoying.

Dino's! fruity and nice, cake.

My Tomboy Friend. She was forced to wear that dress! And what's even more weirder..She climbed a tall wall with that dress, i have no idea how she did it. :\

The cute girl with ELI!
The girl likes me more than Eli though. xP

So that's basically it. FUN AND SUMMERY~
Only 10 days left of school~

Since i didn't go to school today, i have to write a letter of absence.Darn!.... =)

Comments are love!

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