Monday, June 22, 2009

Yesterday(the day i didn't go to school), my class actually had drama lesson that day. And they were watching silent movies that they made with their group. In my group there was me, Rifka, Tia, Arief and Fariz.
We had a lot of fun recording the act. I feel bad for Rifka who had to do most of the editing. But she did a good job.

This is our first time making silent movie. So it wont be professional. But we are very proud of it!:)
I tried uploading the movie here, but it didn't work. So i had to upload it in youtube.

Have Fun Watching it!

Atika blowing out the candles. ^^


  1. ew i look so bad.
    have you read new moon?

  2. Noooo~ You look pretty. That's why i put it in here. Lol.

    No i haven't, i want to though.
    Why did you ask?