Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today i just remembered that i have SUPER JUINOR's 3rd album. My brother bought it in Malaysia and sent it to me through his friend. Lol.
I got it around 2-4 weeks ago. I don't remember. But what i do remember is that when it came, i was screaming and jumping up and down with excitement & joy. Because it's my first korean boy band cd ever!! And i've always wanted one. :D
When i thanked my brother a billion times, he said "you owe me one!". I just said sure sure, whatever.

Enough with me rambling..

Here's what it looks like. I like they're style in the pictures. It's like those oldern time.

That's the album(cd) cover.

So that's the pictures of two of my favourite guys, Yesung and Lee Teuk.

Okay..I'm not bothered to post about Aya's party now since its late and im really sleepy. So i'll post about Aya's party tomorrow.


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