Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our team is Very Very Very happy. I had loads of fun today. Got that Elvin guy to talk and bullying Ramanan. Ahahah.. He's a DUCK! xP

We took a picture after flying the hot air balloons. Stupid Elvin didn't want to be in the picture so it was Ramanan's group(w/o Elvin and Razzi) and our group. :D
We did take a video of our balloon, but the video is in Rara's camera and it will take her a while to put it in her laptop. So no video :(

Me and Syaf made a joke by making an animal as a verb. For example... "I'm Sheeped" or.."I'm lambed" something like that. It might not sound funny now.. but at that moment it was HILARIOUS! ;)

Noooo~ Everybody is goinggg~ Ayu and lola has already gone..-sniff sniff-

Here's a picture of Ayu's last day in year 9.

At least she's happy!

I got good news!!!
Today we saw Mrs. Malabar! She came back for a holiday. She didn't look different at all.
She's the best P.E teacher in the world! :D
I nearly forgot her :O..which is a really bad thing.
I'm so happy she came backk...hmm..i wanna see her again. I don't think she remembers my name though. :(
Ouh well..i can tell her and prolly she'll remember :D

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