Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hahh... This week has been so hectic, even though exam's are over.
I've been busy with singing practices for Indonesian Independence Night. Which is on the 27th on June. So only 3 more days to go. And because of these practices i think i gained more weight. We ate so many junk food!! T__T
Ouh well. ;)

Today was our last day doing the hot air balloon. We tried it with the heater thing and ours was a success!! We were so happy! Cause in the beginning ours was in a crisis, we did the gluing wrong. Damn. It was hell. It was nearly unbelievable that our actually flew!

Tomorrow is the competition~!
I'm so nervous for some reason.
I hope we win~!


Soo now.. the photography. I wasn't bothered to edit I'm just going to put it in.

My very old dress. I wore it in my Year 5 Disney Production. Ah..Memories.

My little Brother with his production paint. I was suppose to go and watch it this Sunday. But because of Bahasa practice i couldn't :(

I was interested in bathrooms?

i Love this picture. Others might not like it. But i think it's cool. >.<

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