Monday, August 17, 2009

Bag <3

So on saturday..i went to Doha-Landmark with Syafira.
First we had to send her brother to his dorm cause he's in university now..i guess it was sad for him cause he looked like he was about to cry. Poor him. I guess he really love his parents.:D

Anyway I went to doha with her because i was dying to buy these boots that i saw in Pull And Bear website. Turns out the colour of the boots in real life didn't look as good as the one on the website so i didn't buy it :(
We went to other stores, while i had my eyes on the shoes Syafira had her eyes on the clothes. I think she has enough clothes.
Jennyfer, That's where we both finally saw something we actually wanted to buy. Syafira bought a cardigan and i bought a small bag.

Ah! i forgot. Today is actually Indonesia Independence Day!! Woohoo!
If i was in Indonesia rite now it will be awesome. But too bad im back.BOOO~.
ahhh...I feel like singing Indonesia's national anthem song. ^^