Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hehehe..Last Night i was craving for Pizza Hut so i told me dad to get some on his way back home from work.
My family BARELY eats pizza hut, because my mum cooks alot so we have to eat what she cooks.

I took some pictures of it because it looked so good. The cheese is just so....umm....UnExplainable.

Okay..Enough about the Pizzaa..xP
A few Days ago my little brother got these little jelly balls?.. Anyways they're so cute and colourful so i decided to take a picture of em.
We used to have fishes in our Fish Bowl. Now that the fishes are gone...*sniffs* That's what we put in it instead.

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  1. mmm, that pizza looks so good! I haven't had pizza in ages.