Friday, August 28, 2009

Song Hye Gyo for Vogue and Laneige Lipstick

Korean Actress, Song Hye Gyo.
Her fame rose from the popular Korean drama Full House in 2004.The rating for this drama was pretty high.

Here are the photo's or Song Hye Gyo for Vogue's September issue.(i think for Korean Vogue. Not quite sure.)

She also had a photo shoot for Laneige lipstick earlier this month.

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  1. 2nd photo is my favorite! and the one where she is wearing a dark green dress with ruffles all around. How beautiful ^_^

  2. Wow. Stunning. I love the lipstick shade in the first ad photo.

  3. SHE'S SO PRETTY! I LOVED HER IN FULL HOUSE!! her and Rain wwere so HOT togetherrr! hahaha! and she has like amazing skin! makes me so jealous~

    and my fav boy is JAEJOONG TOOO!! OMG he's SOOO HOT! he totally made me fall in love with korean boys! haha!

    hehe i'm your second follower : ))

  4. Love her look! She's so pretty..

  5. she is so beautiful, especially in the first set of pictures

  6. she is gorgeous!!

    but i thnk they should make her smile cos she has the most amazing smile!

    great blog :)

  7. i love song hye gyo, i think she's the prettiest asian actress along with zhang zi yi and gong li (well maybe gong li is the sexiest) :) thanks for dropping by on my blog ;)