Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yves Saint Lauren, Oreos and Milk?

I was looking at my mum's bags,... there was one bag that caught my eye. It was a Yves Saint Lauren Bag. I was shocked? I've never seen this bag being used by mum before.
After asking my mum when she bought this bag. She said she bought it around 13 years ago and never used it again, after using it for 4 years. The condition of the bag is not that bad, which is kind of shocking. Since its been 13 years. I guess i can still use it once in a while.
Is the style too old to be used again? Is there anyone else out there that would use this bag?

I LOVE OREOS! Especially when they are eaten with milk.Mmmmm THE BEST. Is there a fanClub for Oreos? Cause i would totally join it. Does anyone else love Oreos?
There's this joke that my friend told me. I think i should share it with you guys. so here goes.

What's the colour of paper?____

What's the colour of golf balls?___

What's the colour of white walls?___

What's the colour of sheeps fur(if they are called that)?____

and....What do cows drink?___
If you answered Milk for the last question You're wrong! Cows drink water! ^^

If you don't get it..its okay. Maybe the joke is supposed to be asked in real life instead of being written down.

Doop di doo~

Bye! xx


  1. hehe thanks, I'll keep that in mind! Nice bag

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  3. hey:)
    no it's not, it's one of her songs from 2006, lovely bag i'd definitely use it if i was you and great blog!

  4. Lovely bag!

    Haha, I've heard that joke aloud before and I still messed it up. Dang, I definitely want oreos now.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    What a great bag to happen upon! I hope your mother lets you borrow it :)

    Cute joke! I can't wait to tell it to someone.